English Proofreading Experts

Our Team’s Journey: A Legacy of Trust and Excellence

In the chronicles of our team’s evolution, what stands out is not just our modest size but the colossal trust we’ve earned from a global community of scientists. It’s a trust forged through years of dedication and an unwavering commitment to meticulous detail.

Our Experience and Proficiency

Experience is the cornerstone of our proficiency, fortified by a team of native English speakers who are the custodians of quality in English articles. We pave the way for researchers to see their work published in esteemed academic journals and partner with renowned international publishers such as Springer, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, C.H. Beck, Taylor & Francis, John Wiley & Sons, MIT Press, among others.
The history of English Proofreading Experts began in 2006, when a young researcher Yury Subachev from Ekaterinburg, Russia, started his career in science and got intensively involved in scientific and technical translation of scholarly articles and patents in his specific subject.
Since 2011, our experts have translated papers and patent applications for dozens of institutions. We deal with proceedings of scientific conferences to be indexed in Scopus and Web of Science international citation database and prepare English-language versions of scientific journals.

Empowering Knowledge through Language

Our voyage saw a pivotal milestone in 2020—a Russian-language academic blog tailored for scientists, doctoral students, and educators. Its exponential rise in popularity, welcoming over 50,000 visitors monthly, is a testament to its 150+ informative articles. These resources elucidate the art of crafting top-notch research papers, guide on selecting fitting journals, navigating the publication process, and provide insights on securing funding—a beacon for the academic community.

Global Reach: Bridging Continents, Nurturing Excellence

Spanning continents, our reach extends across Europe and Asia, encompassing Canada and Australia. Our scope covers a diverse array of services, from proofreading intricate research monographs in physics, destined for publication in prestigious houses like Elsevier, to meticulously translating and proofreading the doctoral theses of budding researchers. We also fine-tune research papers destined for admission to universities in New Zealand and collaborate on various international projects.

A Commitment Beyond Proofreading: Fostering Academic Endeavors

Our dedication is a testament to our commitment to the global scientific community. It’s not merely proofreading; it’s a partnership—an alliance aimed at facilitating the journey of scientific inquiry and scholarly contribution.

An Evolution into Excellence: Championing Knowledge Dissemination

We’ve evolved into more than just a team; we’re a nexus of excellence, enabling researchers to transcend linguistic barriers and present their work with clarity, precision, and unwavering quality. As the chapters of our journey unfold, our resolve remains unwavering—to champion the pursuit of knowledge and the dissemination of scholarly work across borders, leaving an indelible mark on the world of academia.